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Current Education Issues
Human Services Dept.  
To learn more about current education issues facing deaf, deafblind, and hard of hearing Minnesotans, visit MNCDHH's education page by clicking this description's heading "Current Education Issues."

Evaluation of Students with Disabilities
Education Dept.  
The school district must do a thorough evaluation to see if a student's disability may hurt his/her educational performance. The district needs to get the permission of the child's parents before doing the evaluation. The evaluation needs to use multiple tools to determine if a student needs special education or related services. The district cannot decide if a student needs/does not need special education or related services based on the results of just one test. The district must give the parents of the child an evaluation report. MN Rule 3525.2710

Reading Assistance with School Exams
Education Dept.  
Students whose first language is not English may have lower scores in the basic required tests. Schools districts, with the help of parents and teachers, will decide if these students can have language accommodations such as language translation on math tests. Students cannot receive language assistance in exams that test reading skills. Students could also be temporary exempted from taking the tests if they have been going to a school that teaches in English for less than three years. MN Rule 3501.0100

Resource Centers and Advisory Committee
Education Dept.  
The Resource Centers must offer summer institutes or training programs throughout the state and workshops for teachers and students who are deaf, deafblind, and hard of hearing. The centers can contract with nonprofit organizations to provide programs. The commissioner of education must establish an advisory committee for the resource centers, which will meet four times a year and compile an annual report for the commissioner. The annual report must include education outcomes and recommendations to improve the outcomes for children who are deaf, deafblind, and hard of hearing. MN Statute 125A.63

School Bus Drivers and Hearing Exams
Revisor's Office  
An employee of a school/school district who drives a type III vehicle (minivans) as a small part of his/her job does not need to get a physical exam or take a pre-employment drug and alcohol test. MN Statute 171.02

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